Unique Contemporary Hand Painted Plate by Peter Stuhr, Denmark

  • €1,200.00

Stained glass plate by the Danish artist Peter Stuhr.
Hand painted and burned glass, circa 2015.
Dimensions: Height 6 cm x diameter 38 cm

Peter Stuhr's art consist of an expressive picture universe made up of streams of sieving color and transparent layers, which means that many works assume the nature of deep, romantic dreamscapes.

Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1974-1981 by prof. Richard Mortensen and prof. Albert Mertz.
Worked in the 1980s with painting as the primary expression, but in recent years he has also worked on: sculpture, video, photography, drawing, installation as artistic expression, and has also made a number of striking glass decorations and interior designs.
In addition to numerous exhibitions in Denmark, he has exhibited in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Russia, Poland, England and the Baltic countries.