Abstract Geometric Danish Screen Print by Ib Geertsen, Signed

  • €125.00

Screen print by Ib Geertsen, signed, 2007.
Art size: 13 x 17 cm
Comes unframed.
Ib Geertsen (1919-2009) worked with the concrete art, where the line, shape, color and movement are the content. He was a sculptor, painter, graphic artist and color architect.
Geertsens works are art historically linked to the concrete abstract painting that emerged in the late 1940s, which was a showdown with the Cobra movement and Nordic expressionism. They saw the geometry and the concrete painting as the most important elements of modern painting. It was objectivity and readability rather than mystery and emotion that were in focus. The painting, as such, should not necessarily imagine anything. Documentary was the main focus.
Geertsen was self-taught, but gained great recognition and made major decorative works with strong color combinations in schools and institutions. He’s also widely known for his mobiles, self-moving works of art. Represented at many Danish art museums, including ARoS.