Scandinavian Lithograph by the Danish Artist Malene Landgreen

  • €690.00

Lithograph by Malene Landgreen,
Untitled, circa 2012
Numbered H.C 4/4, signed. ?
Artsize: 37 cm H x 55 cm W, unframed.

Malene Landgreen works on the basis of the concrete painting and has on several occasions worked with the entire room and created in situ works for exhibitions. She is also behind a number of public decorations in schools, hospitals and private companies.

Malene Landgreen works with the basic components of painting: Color, shape and line. Colors, shapes and line patterns are put together in carefully tuned compositions of color relationships, which typically have the geometry as their starting point, but also instantaneous gestures of lyrical, organic and material expressions sometimes occur in the painting, as part of Landgreens vocabulary.

Malene Landgreen works in a picturesque tradition based on the concrete painting that was objectless and instead composed of simple, non-figurative forms with structures built up of lines and colors. Lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.