Classic Danish Heiberg table lamps in porcelain

  • €650.00

Set of two Heiberg table lamps made in porcelain and brass by Søholm. A classic Danish design, clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. 
The Brass parts are polished. Rewired and new shades.

Heiberg lamps originates back to 1830s and were originally made for petroleum, then later mid century, changed to an electrical version.

Lamp to the left: Height 41.5 cm with shade, 28 cm without shade 
Diameter 8.5 cm. Shade dimensions: H 20, diameter 17/24 cm.

Lamp to the right: Height 50 cm with shade, 36.5 cm without shade 
Diameter 10.5 cm. Shade dimensions: H 22, diameter 19/28 cm.