Antique Green Decanter or Vase with Attached Glass Wire, Holmegaard, Denmark

  • €2,275.00

Art Glass antique green decanter or vase, conical neck with attached glass wire from the series "Antikgrøn" (Antique green). Design by Jacob E. Bang, Kastrup Glasværk 1964.

Jacob E. Bang (1899 - 1965) was a versatile artist who worked as an architect, sculptor and craftsman. Best known for his long association with glass, which started when he was hired at Holmegaard Glasværk in 1925 with permanent employment in 1928, as artistic director until 1942.
The years at Holmegaard Glasværk it was Jacob E. Bang who was responsible for almost all new glass launched from Holmegaard Glasværk and had a large share in Holmegaard Glasværk becoming known worldwide. In 1956 Jacob E. Bang returned to glass this time at Kastrup Glasværk and the following year in 1957 he worked as an artistic consultant for the glassworks.
Jacob E. Bang died in 1965 shortly before Fyens Glasværk and Kastrup Glasværk were merged with Holmegaard Glasværk.

Height: 10.44 in. / 26.5 cm, Diameter: 4.34 in. / 11 cm