Craquele glaze porcelain Vase, gold and green on grey, Lyngby Porcelain, 1930s

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Craquele glaze porcelain Vase, gold and green on grey 10.5 x 16 cm Kjøbenhavns Porcellains Maleri (Lyngby Porcelain KPM) 73.2-3628 

Kjøbenhavns Porcellains Maleri (KPM)was founded in 1883 and was acquired by Holst & Knudsen in 1924. The wholesale company Holst & Knudsen imported not decorated porcelain into Denmark and let it decorate by various small porcelain paintings, one of which was KPM.

Based on the crisis of the 1930s, it was virtually impossible to import porcelain from Germany, so Holst & Knudsen established Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark later Lyngby Porcelain (1936 - 1969).
Porcelain Factory Denmark - Lyngby Porcelain (1936 - 1969) has always been a distinctive mark on Danish porcelain history; artistic, but also production-wise.

When the production was at its highest, the factory accounted for one third of the total Danish porcelain production.