Abstract Scandinavian Screen Print by the Danish Artist Niels Winkel signed and numbered

  • €910.00

Niels Winkel (1939-2018)
Screen Print, 1999 Numbered edition of 30, signed. 

Artsize: 75 cm H x 106 cm W, unframed.

Winkel trained at the Danish Academy of Arts (1967) under Professor Egill Jacobsen. As a graduate student, he studied the Danish Golden Age artist C. W. Eckersberg during the period 1972-74. This work resulted in the thesis "Nature studies in C. W. Eckersberg's marine painting", a thesis that also highlights European painting tradition both before and during Eckersberg's time. Niels Winkels departure was naturalism and tradition in Danish surface painting. The earliest works were landscapes and cityscapes. Since then, this simplified idiom was supplemented by transferring newspaper texts and images into a collage-like working method. From the late 70's he was one of Denmark's leading portrait painters and has performed approx. 100 portraits of eg. ambassadors, board members, mayors, professors and instructors. In the portraits, the person is surrounded by references to his or her work and life.

Alongside the portrait pictures and an extensive work in Danish artistic and collegiate institutions, Winkel has created a number of decorations in glass of abstract nature.

In the year 2002, Niels Winkel received a great deal of work on a glass mosaic for Aarhus University. It should adorn the Nobel Park and pay tribute to Denmark's 13 Nobel Prize winners. The work on the Nobel Park auditory headboard is counted by many for Niels Winkel's main work, and he himself stated at the disclosure that "I must say that it is one of the most wonderful tasks I have had".