Beocom 1000 - Bang & Olusfen telephone

  • €175.00

Iconic Beocom 1000 telephone from 1986 by Bang & Olusfen.
Black model 600 & 2000. All fully functional. Red model sold out.

History: "In 1983 the Jutland Telephone Co. (JT) were looking for a new partner to develop and manufacture their telephones. They approached one of our clients, Bang & Olusfen a/s, Struer , Denmark for whom we were designing audio equipment at that time.

The brief was to a design “the world’s best telephone”, a computer-phone to demonstrate JT’s innovative lead in the market. Bang & Olufsen had no experience in telephones, but thought that this project would expand their technical competence and equip them better to meet the future."
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