Lithography in blue colours by Jack Kampmann

  • €675.00

Jack Kampmann (1914-1989):
Color Lithographic printing on paper.
Sign .: Jack Kampmann 1977 
Number - 269/300. Framed with glass
Measure: Width 71.5 cm, height 65.5 cm

Jack Kampmann was born in London of Danish parents. He grew up in the United States and was trained as a painter in Denmark before he came to the Academy. For a brief period he experimented with a devoid painting, but also continued to paint figuratively. During the 2nd World War K. stopped painting as he, driven by his anti-fascist views, volunteered for the British Army.
In 1947, K. became a member of Kammeraterne (the comrades), and the following year he moved to the Faroe Islands, where the painting really came to occupy him. He brought many motifs from the Faroese landscapes, which he restored with solid built forms in the style of Cézanne. He worked with a clear outline of their motives and alternating with muted and strong shades. The firmness of the composition was also reflected in the portraits he did. K. reached to inspire many younger artist in the Faroe Islands, before returning to Denmark, where he lived the last 25 years of his life. K. besides paintings done woodcuts, lithographs and etchings.