Screen Print by Robert Jacobsen, Untitled, 1980s, Numbered and signed

  • €1,100.00

Screen Print by Robert Jacobsen,
Untitled, late 1980s Numbered and signed. 

Artsize: 73 cm H x 54 cm W, unframed.

Robert Jacobsen was a Danish artist who was self-taught as a sculptor and graphic artist and is represented in museums and public places all over the world. Jacobsen belonged to the group of abstract artists around the Parisian gallery owner Denise René. Jacobsen lived in France until 1969 and was professor at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (1962-82) and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (1976-1983).

Alongside the CoBrA movement, a grouping in Danish art gathered in the period 1947-50 about a geometric abstract expression that was stimulated by cross-border contacts and the establishment of an international artistic environment. In the summer of 1947 Robert Jacobsen and the painter Richard Mortensen traveled to Paris to settle and work in the Danish artist's house in Suresnes, where during the 1950s these artists were centrally located at one of the period's most prominent gallery artists and advocates for the concrete art: Denise Rene in Paris. In Copenhagen in the year 1948, the exhibition community Linien II established artists such as Ib Geertsen, Richard Winther, Bamse Kragh-Jacobsen and Albert Mertz a number of art exhibitions. As guests at the first exhibitions, Richard Mortensen, Robert Jacobsen and international artists from the circle around Galerie Denise Rene participated: Jean Dewasne, Jean Deyrolle and Serge Poliakoff.
The concrete artists defined themselves as a counter-reaction to CoBrA.