Side Table with Tiles by Cabinetmaker Jacob Kjær

  • €1,500.00

Beautiful Danish mahogany side table with tiles. Designed and made by Master cabinetmaker Jacob Kjær.
Tiles attributed Jens Thirslund, Kähler. Thirslund known for his imaginative decorations and the glazes he developed, which for many became Kähler's trademark.

Jacob Kjær became one of the most prominent Danish master cabinetmakers in the Danish modern era. He focused especially on high-quality craftsmanship and was Chairman of the Copenhagen cabinetmakers guild. With his classical style, he managed to create design classics, which are only available in a small edition, and are therefore highly sought after by design experts and connoisseurs.
Wear due to age and use.

Height: 17.33 in. / 44 cm
Width: 19.89 in. / 50.5 cm
Depth: 13.78 in. / 35 cm